Cool School Days

Now that we have returned from our last summer aurrah, I’m slowly being pulled back in school mode. I found myself surveying their closets and making mental notes on what they will need – a new pair of sneakers, socks, a new fall coat. Kyle will heading to first grade and Brooke will begin preschool.

To help them ease out of summer mode (i.e. lazy mornings, days filled with swimming, late nights), I have begun talking about the upcoming school year. Here’s a fun sibling activity to play as the hot summer days begin to fade. It’ll get your kids excited for all the learning that lies ahead! (my daughter loved it last year since. It gave her a taste of what her big brother’s days would be like)

Materials: coloring books, paper, crayons, and books, chalkboard, book bag, chalk and ruler

Create a space in your home to serve as a classroom. Set up a few work stations with the supplies.

Some ideas for play:

Babies may make the perfect students: they are very curious! Your baby’s teachers (ie older siblings) can entice her senses by sharing colorful pages from a book or by singing songs to her. When its your toddlers turn to be the teacher, she may want to pass out crayons and paper. Encourage her to tell her students what she’d like them to draw! Your preschooler can draw his name on the chalkboard. Take this time to teach him some simple words like cat and dog. Your school-age child can take attendance and read a story to his students.

Have fun

– Heather

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