Someone asked me if MY kids ever fight…

Heather and I just entered the Q&A part of our workshop when someone raised their hand and asked if MY kids ever fought.

We had been speaking for over an hour about such things as facilitating a happy and good relationships amongst siblings and techniques to use when the going gets tough. Somewhere along the line – I must have passed on (by mistake) that my kids are so deliriously happy that we never fight in my house! I assured the group that had gathered that we are a typical household but with the techniques that we had shared, we diffuse things fast and give our kids an opportunity to work things out before a problem escalates.

The next morning, I was in the kitchen when I heard a ‘tiff’ start in the next room. I grabbed my camera and began to film. I was laughing while I filmed because it was the ultimate in ANNOYING-THE-HECK-OUT-OF-ONE-ANOTHER type of fight. I think we can all relate to it!

Step 1: Wait. When I saw that it was about to escalate into someone getting hurt – I interrupted. Step 2: Tell them what you see with NO ASSUMPTIONS just facts. I stated what I saw. Two boys that looked very angry. Step 3: get filled in BRIEFLY. I asked each of them why they were so angry and got to hear the “story.” Jake had accidentally drawn on Noah’s leg and then Noah drew on Jake’s coloring book and you saw the rest from there. Step 4: Find a solution that fits the crime. We moved quickly on to how we could make it up to one another. Jake got a cloth for Noah to clean his leg and Noah gave Jake a picture from his coloring book to replace the one he had drawn on.

It was quick (oh, and a little painful!)


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  1. Too funny, Liza!

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