Loooong car trips

Ever been on a car trip from h-ll? I’m not talking about traffic. I’m talking about the ones that involve traveling with kiddos.  Those can get hairy, especially when the kids become 1) restless, 2) complain of starvation, 3) have a dire need to pee every 20 miles or 4) decide to amuse themselves by seeing how angry they can get their sibling.

Today, I was driving with a colleague of mine to a lunch meeting. She recently returned from a road trip with her 12-year-old and 8-year-old daughters. There was the occasional squabbles but her mom hadn’t realized there was also a rule book (see below) Apparently her oldest daughter wanted to be clear on how, when and what her younger sister could sing.

SKMBT_C25009082516340Rules of Singing

1) No singing out loud

2) Only sing in the shower

3) Can mouth songs

4) If agreed upon can sing out loud

5) 3 chances and no singing ever again for that day.

I have to say she this 12-year-old was innovative. I just wonder how much say the 8-year-old got?

In our Out & About chapter, we offer some ideas on keeping the car ride a bit more sane. I personally love the game “Ten Things.” For instance, when you pass by a big truck you can ask the kids to name “Ten Things” they think the truck has in the back. Just be creative and let the kids come up with some categories too.

– Heather

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