Halloween Costumes for Siblings

phoPKflinstonesWhen children are young (I’m talking less than 3 years old), parents get to choose their Halloween costumes. That’s why my son was dressed as a Bumblebee when he was 10 months old. He was still crawling and looked absolutely adorable with the little stinger on his backside swaying side to side as he scuttled about. The next year, he was a dog – cute flappy ears and whiskers drawn on his cheek. Then the tide started to turn. For his third Halloween, he was Batman and from there he’s been a knight, a power ranger and this year he is set on being a ninja.

My message here: Get them while they are young. Dress them as bunnies or pumpkins or as my sister-in-law did, you could dress a younger child as a chicken. Yup, my nephew was a chicken when he was 2.

Recently, I heard from a Massachusetts-based parent who is a pro when it comes to creating fun family costumes.  Talk about creative – she has four kids and each year loved the challenge of creating coordinated costumes. She was kind enough to share her photos and how she assembled some of the costumes (you can be frugal!)

Meet the Flintstones

phoPKflinstones“We bought T-shirts at A.C. Moore, sponge painted the black markings where needed and zig-zag cut the bottoms. We had some old blue material around the house that we used for Fred’s tie. Wilma’s necklace is just styrofoam balls strung together, and we cut any “bones” from craft foam. Bam-Bam’s bat is a plastic wiffle ball bat that we covered in plastic bubblewrap and then used brown electric tape to cover the whole thing.”

The Charlie Brown & Gang

phoPKcharliebrown“For Charlie Brown and Linus, we found an old t-shirt and turned them inside out so you couldn’t see any of the wording on it. We took sharpie markers and drew the zig-zag and stripes needed on the shirts. We took an old green polo shirt that we had and made the stripes on the shirt for Peppermint Patty. For Lucy’s costume, my daughter had a blue shirt and skirt that seemed to fit the part.”

There’s No Place Like Home

phoPKwizard“For the Wizard of Oz scarecrow, we found a sweatshirt and pants and a thrift store, tied around some rope that we had at the house, and used straw ‘lei’ bracelets around the wrists and ankles. We had purchased his hat/headband because we happened to find it at a store. Dorothy’s dress we found at a thrift store also….it’s not a pre-made costume…it just happened to be the perfect checkerboard pattern and we found a white shirt to go underneath.”

The adorable models: Alexa (13), Cobi (12), Aaron (10), and Calen (8.5) of Franklin, MA

If you have other great Family Halloween costume ideas, let us know!

– Heather

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