Finding that Perfect Name for Baby #2, #3…

Kevin and I were lucky. Somehow, we agreed immediately on the name Kyle for our first born. I’ve always loved that name and I love how Kyle Kempskie sounds. The strong k sound.  Done. When we found out we were having another, it didn’t go as smoothly.

For starters, we knew we were having a girl. And there were no names that really stood out to us. We even went so far as to go through the entire alphabet. A for Abby. Nope, one of my very good friends had just named her daughter Abby. B for Brooke. Kevin initially didn’t love that name. C for Cassandra. And so on. It’s important to add that Kevin often made this remark when I shared a possible name idea: “No, that sounds like a stripper name.” How many strippers did he know?

Ultimately, we both grew more and more fond of the name Brooke. It had that hard k sound and I loved how well it sounded with the name Kyle and the last name Kempskie. Kevin’s mom solidified our choice when she said, “Brooke Kempskie – it sounds like a writer’s name!” Kevin’s sister also made the decision final when she painted a Brooke mural in the nursery.

If you are in the throws of finding the perfect name for your second, third or fourth child, we are proud to share an article by The Baby Name Guru in our advice section. Some fantastic ways to approach this task. Enjoy!

On a side note:

To many Bruce Lansky is known as “The Baby Name Guru” and the #1 author of baby name books in North America.  To Lisa and I, he is the person who gave us a chance.

Bruce is the president of Meadowbrook Press, a stellar publishing outlet located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. On Columbus Day of 2006, I called their offices to follow up on our book proposal. I asked for him…and he picked up the phone. What a day that was! After I gained my composure, I told him our idea of creating a book of activities for siblings. He liked the idea and here we are today. Thanks Bruce!

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