Top 10 Costume Ideas for Siblings

bee1Is there anything cuter than little kids in coordinating costumes? I’m sure they are the ones getting the extra handful of candy. Here’s our picks for the best ones:

  1. Animals & Insects: Allows your kids to dress as their favorite zoo animal like this cute herd of elephants or you can mix a monkey with a lion. Or they could buzz around the neighborhood as butterflies for bees.
  2. Objects & Things: Candy and Halloween go hand and hand. Try dressing up the kiddos as M&Ms or assorted candy bars. How about a bee2bowling ball with pins (use white outfits with red stripes). Our personal favorites are a bouquet of flowers or a patch of pumpkins.
  3. Team of Players: Create your own baseball team complete with personalized game shirts. Or get a football team going with a few cheerleaders to cheer them on.
  4. In the Movies: With so many hit movies this year, kids would love to dress up as their favorite characters from Harry Potter, The Transformers, Star Trek, Clone Troopers or High School Musical. Head to a thrift shop and you could assemble these on your own.
  5. Rock the Bands: Dream of creating the next kid band? Your kids can dress up as the Patridge Family, The Wiggles or Cher and Bono.
  6. Go Co-ed: If you’re working with a twosome, try an angel and devil, a cat and dog or mouse, or a cop and an inmate.
  7. Once Upon a Time Books and Fairy Tales: Think of their favorite books and characters and go from there. Some ideas may include Winnie & Tiger, Minne & Mickey, Wizard of Oz, Tweety Bird & Sylvester.
  8. Famous Families: Mom and Dad can get in on the fun too. Dress up as the Flintstones or the Incredibles and really ‘wow’ the neighborhood!
  9. Through the Years: Pick and decade and have some fun. Everyone can dress 70s styles or each child could dress in their own decade.
  10. Famous Friends: You can’t go wrong with some of these well-known groups like the Smurfs, Scooby Doo & The Mystery Inc., The Peanuts Gang and Power Rangers!

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