Celebrate Family Game Night

NFGN-Logo-200-2Dust off the Monopoly game board or break out the Chutes & Ladders game, cause it’s National Family Game Night (tonight!)

In general, the sibling-expert-type (us) would like to remind you to try and avoid highly competitive games when possible. However, we also recognize that siblings have a way of creating competition out of anything (“MOM! He has all the red chips!” – this happens when you play something like Connect 4 and  your other child has all the black chips. Some how it becomes unfair and competitive!)

Our best tip: Focus on the fun and learning and not winning and losing. You’re the best role model for your kids.

Here are some of our favorite game choices:

Bingo: Fun for the whole family. There are some great game sets out there that use images instead of letters and numbers – making it easy for even the youngest players to engage in. You can even create your own custom bingo cards!

Charades: My mom bought my kids this game and they love it! Charades for Kids is a simple board game with game card drawings. Kids look at the image (privately) and then do their best to “show us in action” what the object is. So fun!

Twister: Get moving with a fun game of Twister! Teaches kids about color and creative movement. See who falls first!

War! Simple concept that teaches number recognition and order. Spilt a deck of cards between the players; flip one card over at a time. Highest number or ranking card wins and collects all the cards. Object:  To win the most cards. Find out more.

I found this fantastic link for the top 10 classic board games for kids.

However you choose to spend the night, have fun together and plan on making it a family tradition!


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