Get them to love fruit!

Here is the key to getting your kids to try and even love fruit: Let them pick them. I have seen it happen twice just this week. My friend’s three-year-old daughter “strongly dislikes” any fruit. After blueberry picking, we could not get her to stop munching on them. Then there is my nephew who went apple picking and announced after 6 years that he FINALLY loved apples.

So get out there and get picking! If you can’t do that I suggest just going to the grocery store and letting your children “pick” some new fruits to try. When you get home make a big deal about preparing them for the big taste test. get as many people involved as possible. On poster board, prepare a big chart that list the fruits you are trying. Have the kids write their names next to the favorite fruit! There may be more than one!apples2


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  1. This is so true even with veggies. It seem that if you let your child pick the vegetable, they’re apt to eat it. Great tip! And you are both lovely! Thank you for following me on Twitter. I’m so glad to find your blog.

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