Rock Some Sibling Pumpkins!

pumpkinI don’t know about you but my kids are in full Halloween mode! We’ve got decorations strung across our deck (Kyle picked out a super scary skeleton) and right now I’m looking at the ghost hanging in our kitchen.

Costumes have been bought too. I’m holding off on real pumpkins, though. I don’t need rotting pumpkins on my doorstep quite yet. Instead, I’m going to go with rock pumpkins – a fun sibling activity for the kids.

Collect some rocks in your yard or neighborhood park. Take them home and rinse them off. Your kids can paint them orange and use black markers or paint to create jack-o-lanterns.

Your baby can paint rocks, too! Pour orange paint into a zip lock bag and place three rocks inside. Secure the bag and help him roll and shake the rocks inside.

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