Spooky Halloween Chairs for Siblings

spookychairThese scary chair covers will create the perfect Halloween ambience for your kitchen or dining room.

Materials: Old pillowcases (1 per child), white/orange/black acrylic paint, paintbrush, wet wipes, fabric markers, safety pins, Halloween foam stickers, cotton balls, tacky glue, chalk, black felt, scissors

Encourage your kids to have a gholishly good time decorating one side of their pillowcases. When they’re done, slip each pillowcase over the back of the chairs the decorated side faces out!

Baby can help design a pillowcase to decorate the back of their highchair. Cover the palms of one of her hands with white paint, then gently press it onto a dark colored pillowcase several times to make skeleton handprints. Or you can paint her palm orange and press it onto the pillowcase. When it is dry turn the orange palm print into a jack-o-lantern!

Your toddler will enjoy decorating her pillowcase with Halloween foam stickers, which may be easier for her to manipulate than regular stickers. With your help she can also create ghosts using cotton balls and tacky glue.

Preschoolers can use chalk to draw spooky shapes on black felt, like a haunted house, witch hat or bat. Cut out the shapes for him and glue them onto his pillowcase.

With felt, paint, cotton balls, stickers, chalk, and fabric markers – your school age child will have plenty of ways to decorate his pillowcase!


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