What to do with all that candy?

10-30-2007.NH_30candy.G1J28UKGG.1In a few short days, houses everywhere will be jammed packed with candy. In fact, my little clone trooper has plans to fill an entire pillow case with chewy, chocolate-ly treasures. What can we do with all that candy (besides eat it!)???

Time to get creative – Here are some options:

Save some in a hard-to-reach cabinet or the freezer for a sweet treat from time to time.

Save some to use in a craft project. You could use some chocolate Graham crackers and chocolate frosting to construct a “Haunted House” decked out with a candy corn fence and Twix bar roof.  Save some extra candy to use closer to the December holidays and make a super yummy Gingerbread House for the holidays.

Save some for care packages that you can send to a distant relative or even members of the military who may be far from home over the holiday season.

Save some for a pinata game. You can make your own pinata with a paper grocery bag. Decorate it and stuff it with some candy for a “just because” party of sorts.

Save some to make a pretty necklace or bracelet. Lots of candy – especially lifesavers – can be used as jewelry.

Save some as possible cake or cupcake decor. Top a cupcake or cookie with a Hershey kiss and you just made it extra special.


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