The Great Escape for Moms

Wine-Tshirt-FINAL-300x150Heather and I  just returned from the ultimate Mom Escape coordinated by the dynamic podcast duo known as the Manic Mommies . Through their weekly podcast, these Massachusetts-based moms – Erin & Kristen -were joined by 150 moms in beautiful Napa Valley, CA this past weekend. OK, no one wants to hear about a vacation they didn’t get to go to. That’s why we’re sharing some of the incredible highlights and resources with you.


OneFunnyPicWe were in VERY good company. Other fabulous presenters included “One Funny Mother” – a one-woman comedy show with the super pretty, super honest Dena Blizzard. Favorite line of the evening: Good Luck with That! (A woman’s way of swearing or telling others the way it is!) If you’ve ever gone unshowered for days at a time, stayed up all night with a sick kid, fought your husband over who works harder, cleaned pudding off a wall, picked a child’s nose, or had a kid pee on you, then this show is for you!






header-photoMoms also shared their dirty little secrets with the co-authors of “I Was A Very Good Mother Before I Had Kids.” This pair has been on The Rachel Ray Show and have been freeing moms of maternal guilt from coast to coast!

I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids from Trisha and Amy on Vimeo.




Press_Media_01_242x206You also must check out the moms behind “The Meal Makeover Moms.” I have their book and its fabulous. In a nutshell, they take kids’ favorite recipes and make them healthy with new ingredients, rich in nutrition. They even created a healthier version of my mom’s fabulous apple bread recipe.




Like the world needs another picture of us! This is one of four photos I took the entire weekend. Too busy -- chatting!Mother Before I had Kids."

Heather and I were lucky enough to join this fabulous group. Not only did we “get away” from all the stresses that accompany mothers, we made friends, had down time and learned so much about ourselves and all that joined us. We laughed, we cried (from laughing too hard) and were once again reminded that the job that we do as mothers is indeed the toughest job out there.

As I travel in a chair in the sky that will soon release me into the arms of my two anxious sons and I am sure exhausted husband, I feel so HAPPY that I was reminded that we ARE all tired and unsure of ourselves as mothers. It is easy to look around and figure everyone else knows what they are doing and that you are the only one that messes up or does not know the answer.  I am here to tell you that we are ALL unsure. The only thing that we know is that we love our kids and want the best for them.


Heather & I hosted a discussion on the joys of raising young siblings. You can have fun, we promise!

Tell a friend something honest about your feelings of being a mother today. Laugh about it!

Next week’s podcast will feature some of the Manic Mommies sharing some happy (and not so happy) moments between their children.

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  1. I REALLY enjoyed your sessions at the Escape weekend. I purchased a book and have already done the self portrait idea activity with my son which he LOVED!! Thanks for the new ideas and your fresh outlook about raising siblings and fostering their relationships.

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