Thanksgiving – Making it Enjoyable for All Ages!

For Your Baby:

Some babies love people – the kind that will go to anyone (I wonder what that is like) and some are a bit over stimulated by the Thanksgiving table and the guests that come along with it. For a smooth turkey day – it will be all about timing. Plug in the time you are expecting to eat and work in when the feeding will take place and how about a nap? These will be best guesses but our aim it to get you to enjoy the company around the table and even a bite of food so if baby is sleeping during eating time great or if she is happily fed and laying in the arms of Grandma – even better!

For Your Toddler:

Toddlers are developmentally not ready to sit at a table for long periods of time (10 minutes!) so do yourself a favor and sit them down last! Put them in a booster seat so that they can see everyone comfortably and do not be afraid to lay out crayons, paper and even a favorite soundless toy (portable sea is a great idea!)to keep them distracted!

For Your Preschooler:

If you have been teaching etiquette at home you may be in luck! Most preschoolers will enjoy sharing a meal with all of his fans (family) and may impress others with his good manners. All we are looking for is ‘please’ and ‘thank you!’ A tip may be to bring some foods that you know he likes just in case he turns his nose up to Auntie’s green bean salad!

For Your School-Age Child

Make sure the school age child takes part in some of the preparation – maybe he can set the table or mash the potatoes! He will be able to sit at the table but make sure to excuse him when he is done eating – our conversations can become quite boring!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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