Handprint Menorahs

Your children can use their handprints to create a menorah, one of the oldest symbols of the Jewish faith.


Construction paper, paintbrushes, washable paint, wet wipes, crayons, scissors, star stickers



Give each child a sheet of construction paper. Use a paintbrush to lightly paint the inside of their palms. Have them press one hand onto the paper then press the other hand next to it so the thumbs overlap. The fingers represent candles, which in turn represent the eight nights of Hanukkah. The overlapping thumbprints represent the Shamash, the special candle sued to light the others.

Teach your children the history of Hanukkah and the menorah. Here are some great books to read together: It’s Hanukkah! by: Santiago Cohen, Festival of Lights: The Story of Hanukkah by: Maida Silverman and Oh Hanukkah! by Susan L. Roth


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