Handprint Wreaths

A fun and festive way to add color to your holiday decor. These wreaths also make great keepsakes for the years to come!


green and red construction paper



glue stick 

stickers (any kind that you like!)

1.) Fold a piece of green paper into four equal squares.

2.) Lay your child’s hand over the folded green paper and trace around it with pen.

3.) Cut the hand out and you will now have 4 hand cut-outs.

4.) Arrange the cut-outs in a circle with finger part facing out on a red piece of construction paper. Glue them on to the paper once you like the arrangement.

5.) Use stickers to decorate the wreath. You can also use twigs, aluminum foil, glitter, popcorn or any other creative idea to make your wreath just right!

You can use as many hand cut-outs as you like for one wreath. In fact, you can make a family wreath using all of your cut outs!


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