Christmas Games!

So the table is set and the cousins are all over. We want to sip coffee and visit and the kids have a ton of energy to burn..what to do so that everyone is happy? Below are some ideas for each age group – that may even give you a little time to enjoy your adult conversation!

Toddlers: The age group loves to wonder around and touch every breakable thing they can find but they also like to empty and fill things up again. Use some empty tissue boxes and scraps of wrapping paper (you can bunch them up ahead time and wrap some time around them so they can stay together), you can also put out some cotton balls, golf balls or anything else that is big and round and safe and they can fill and empty their special Christmas boxes!

Preschoolers: Play hide-the-snowman! Cut out a paper snowman and leave out some masking tape. Each child can take a turn hiding the snowman (they can hide him under the table, on an Uncle’s back, etc.) The other children can count to ten and then go searching!

School-age children: A “tree”  decorating party. Turn on some good music and find a  kind and willing adult to go in a room with the kids. His/her job will be to stand still as in still like a tree. Give the children some green streamers, construction paper, string, tape, scissors, etc. and let them decorate away!


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