A Song You’re Gonna Love: Little Sister

OK, I’ll admit it – I’m partial to songs about siblings. You do know the title of this blog, don’t you? When I heard the song, “Little Sister” by Ilene (Leeny) Altman, a fellow Baystater, and her longtime friend Tamara Hey, I knew the lyrics were something many of us could identify with.

Here is a photo of Leeny (left) with her little sister Hilary. Says Leeny, "the lyrics really are all about her and her childhood shenanigans!

If you’re tired of Christmas songs or you need a pinch of humor in your day (especially days that involve raising siblings), take a listen. It’s from their debut album, Sharing the Same Stars available for sale on their site.  

You can tell these ladies had fun making this CD. There’s 14 catchy tunes that your kids will love and learn from. From the inspirational “It’s Cool to be You” to the zany “I Came Out Backwards,” our personal favorites are “Little Sister” and “Hold It” (hint: think potty time!) And now to the song…



Lead vocal: Leeny
Sometimes my little sister really gets on my nerves
She finished my favorite box of cereal and said
“Ha ha, I got here first!”
Sometimes my little sister acts like a pest
She always wants to tag along
But then she bites my friends


My momma said when I was younger I begged her for a sister
But mom, there must have been a mistake at The Sister Store
She’s not the one I wished for 

Sometimes my little sister does things I don’t understand
(no, I don’t)
She wrote her name on all my posters
Just to make me mad
(so mad)
Sometimes my little sister is such a tattletale
(a tattletale)
She spies on me and gets me in trouble
Then pretends to care
(as if) 

My momma told me when I get older I’ll appreciate my sister
So mom, is there some place maybe we could ship her
Like until I’m 50 

Now that we are grown-ups, my sister lives far away
(so far away)
We call each other all the time
But I miss her every day
(so much)
Now my little sister and I are best of friends
She knows me better than I know myself
And I love her like no one else 

(Little sister)
My little sister, I really miss her
My little sister…


One Response

  1. My son loves this song – he is the younger sibling but he knows he bug his big brother and sister! This is a great album for kids.

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