New Year’s Fortunes for Siblings

Use this variation of an ancient Chinese tradition to look toward a bright future for your children on New Year’s Day!

Materials: Fortune telling items (see below), index cards, pencil, scarf

Before calling your children for the game, gather a number of various household items. For each item, write a symbolic “fortune” on an index card.

Pencil: For a future writer or storyteller who has a vivid imagination and loves to share ideas.

Book: For a future scholar, teacher or historian who is curious and loves to help others.

Spoon: For a future chef, baker or musician who is creative, brave and self-assured.

Paintbrush: For a future artist who appreciates the beauty in everything.

Keep your childrens’ interest in mind as you select items. For instance if your toddler is fascinated with firefighters, add a fire truck and write, “For future firefighter who is brave, strong and helpful!”

When you finish the cards, fold them in half and place them under the corresponding items. Do not tell your children what each item means but have them take turns picking an item. You may chose to blindfold your preschooler and school-age child to heighten the mystery!


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