New Year’s Eve Fun with the Kiddos

Ringing in the New Year with your kiddos?

Me too.

I’m also using the occasion to celebrate Kyle’s 7th birthday. In the end, there will be about a dozen of us ringing in 2010. But I have a plan to keep the kids busy and excited (and asleep before midnight!)

For starters, I found foam hats for only $1 at a local craft store that will make for a perfect activity. I’ll give them some stickers and glitter to decorate and they’ll be sufficiently “accessorized” to continue with the evening.

Next on my list: Time Capsules. This is a fun way to close out the year. I’m having each “child” guest bring a shoebox with them. We’ll fill it with tracings of their hands, their measurements (height and weight), a self portrait and a list of their favorite things. Should be fun to open that a year from now!

Now on to food….

Make a fortune cake! Buy some cake mix and frosting and plan for a layer cake. Don’t frost yet!

Next write out fortunes on small pieces of index paper.  Tie a ribbon to one end and wrap the paper in tin foil to protect it. You’ll place them on top of the first layer of cake so the ribbons are peeking out from the side. Guests will pull out a ribbon for their fortune.

Ideas for fortunes could include:

Crowds will cheer for you in 2010!

New friends will bring you joy!

A hidden talent will be revealed!

You’ll get superhero powers – use them well.

Happy New Years!


Here’s a clip from my recent appearance on New England Cable News regarding New Year’s Eve Family Fun.

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