Top 10 things you would have never done if you did not have children..

After watching all of the top lists for 2009 – I was inspired to write my own.

1.) Dress in a Boy Scouts uniform as an adult.

2.) Catch someone’s vomit in your hands – on purpose.

3.) Watch a soccer game in the pouring rain with a smile on your face.

4.) Enjoy a dentist office waiting room (when you are alone that is).

5.) Eat the crust of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a meal.

6.) Spend 24 hours looking for a “lovey” that your child misplaced…again.

7.) Wipe someone elses butt.

8.) Talk about potty with other adults.

9.) Feel the true-deep-down-pain like when they are sick or broken-hearted.

10.) Feel true overwhelming joy – over the first time they took their first step to the first time they made their own friend..


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  1. Love #2 and #8 so true!

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