Winter Emergency! Quick Fun for Siblings

We’re in New England. It’s January. The holidays have passed and the only thing that stretches in front of us is cold winter days followed by cold winter nights. When you’re home with young children those hours can feel extra unbearable. Here are some quick ways to pass the time. Keep this post bookmarked and call it up if you’re in need of an immediate “fix”!
Time for Pretend Play activities. This is our favorite chapter in the book. Ideal for parallel play with limited parental involvement, siblings can get caught up in imaginative play with  simple props. Set up a shoe store. Set up a camp site with a tent made from a sheet. Set up a vet office with stuffed animals and band aids.

Lot’s more stuff so keep reading!

Play Opposite Olympics. How many opposites can you find in your home. Go from room to find them. Turn the lights on and off. Find something hard and something soft. Find something big and small.

Head to Your Local Library. Many offer story times or craft activities. Borrow some audio books and cuddle on the couch for story time.

Put on Some Music and Dance. Enough said. Play dance and freeze by pausing the music every 30 seconds. Who can stay still the longest.

Let them Have Their Way with Your Tupperware/Pan Drawer. My kids loved pulling everything out of the cabinet for an impromtu rock concert or building expose.

Time for a Smell Test. Even babies can play this one. Dab some cotton balls with different scents found in your home. Try some fragrant hand soap, a little vanilla scent, a dash of cinnamon or maybe some of your perfume. Don’t do anything too strong and make sure all the smells are pleasant ones. Which one got the best reaction?

Play Musical Hide N Seek. Give each child something that makes noise (magazine pages that crumple, two spoons clashing together, a bell) When they hide they can make the noise to lead you/or their brother and sister to them.

More to come in the months ahead!

– Heather

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