Searching for Tracks!

Snow can be the perfect detector of the type of animals that roam your yard at night!

Materials: a book or a print-up of animal tracks, crayons and paper

After fresh snow has fallen and has remained over night is the perfect time to search for animal tracks. Before heading out, think about the types of animals that may visit your area. Although, my sons desperately wanted a giraffe to have travelled by – we concluded that the chances of that would be impossible due to our location! Make the ideas realistic!

Bundle up and head out on an exciting adventure as you comb your yard or local park for track clues. Once you spot some, refer to the track ideas you brought and try to identify the tracks. Are the prints skinny? wide? Do they have claws or does it look like hooves? Where are tracks headed? Were they headed to a tree or a possible home?

Once inside, draw some of the tracks you found using paper and crayons!

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