Celebrating Martin Luther King Day!

It is never too early to begin learning about a hero such as Martin Luther King. Below you will find ways to let your whole family begin to understand what this holiday is all about.

Materials: mirror,construction paper (representing coloring of skin), scissors, glue, lined paper, pencil

Use construction paper that represent the color of skin to create pieces of art/writing with your family.

For Baby: Babies love faces. Set up a mirror for baby to gaze at herself. Identify the parts of her face for her and point out skin while you rub her cheek.  Also, after your older children create their pieces of work, let baby gaze at them.

For Toddler: Let him tear pieces of construction paper and glue it on paper to make a collage. If you would like you can cut the paper into circles and then add the parts of a face (eyes, ears, nose)! Talk about what color paper looks like his color of skin.

For Preschooler: Cut out paper dolls with the colored construction paper. Have your child trace an outline of a doll and lay it on top of other colors to trace and cut out. He/She can decorate the dolls with clothes and faces. Then attach the dolls with a stapler or tape. Talk to your preschooler about Martin Luther King’s dream was to have  everyone, regardless of their skin color work together!

For School-Age: Use the dolls as a border to a piece of paper by taping them around a piece of lined paper. Your school-age child can then write in the lines about Martin Luther King or about treating everyone equally!


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