Mail for You and Me: Valentine’s Day Fun for Siblings

From the Let’s Pretend chapter in The Siblings’ Busy Book

Send and deliver mail right in your own home…a fun way to make Mail for Me & You for Valentine’s Day:

To create a mailbox, close the top of a paper grocery bag, then fold it over and staple it shut. Cut a 6-inch-by-2-inch slot in the front of the bag.  Your children can then get busy writing, sending, and delivering their letters.

Sing this twist on Woody Guthrie’s “Mail Myself to You” with your older kids while taking turns doing the following actions with your baby:

I am going to fold you up like an envelope. (Fold his arms gently with your hands.)
Put glue on your nose—you will see. (Gently tap his nose.)
Put stamps upon your head. (Gently tap his head.)
And mail you straight to me! (Hug him.)

Draw different shapes with a crayon on separate index cards and give them to your toddler.  She can deliver these pretend postcards.  For example, ask her to deliver the card with a circle to the baby or place the card with a square in the mailbox.  She can even use her own mailbag (a purse or lunch bag) to make her deliveries.

Give your preschooler the supplies needed to send letters.  He can stuff index cards (write “I love you!” on the index cards) into envelopes, put “stamps” (heart shape stickers) on the envelopes, and put the envelopes into the mailbox.  Later, he can pretend to be a letter carrier and deliver the mail to his siblings.

School-Age Child
Let your school-age child gather the mail from the mailbox and prepare it for delivery.  She can decide where each letter should be mailed by writing the name and address of a family member on each envelope.

Have fun sending “real” Valentine’s with your kids!

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