Celebrating the Winter Olympics!

As a parent and an educator, the olympics absolutely thrill me. It is such an awesome opportunity for children to see how the world is big yet so small, that there can be peace amongst countries and that things such as sportmanship can and do exsist. Children can witness an ice skater fall down and get back up and continue to give it his/her all. Children can see how people can look different and even sound different but they can still be passionate about the same thing. Children can see that teamwork is essential and possible and that no one in the team can do it alone. Our children can sesnse the sort of focus an athlete has on his/her face at the start of a race or at the end of a slope. They can witness what true joy/pride looks like and what can come from despair (another try at it.) the olympics give me a sense of worldly peace that I am hard pressed to find at other times in my life. I am hard pressed to find examples of it for my children. They may not really recognize that they are learning all of these things but they will see people do brave and fun things, getting medals and saluting their nation’s flag – and how cool is that?  Oh yes, there is a lot to celebrate!

In my classroom, my students (Third Grade) are building research projects with illustrations and facts about their favorite winter sport. There is even a bar graph to keep track of what country scored medals.

At home, with a 1st grader and a preschooler, we are building an olympic wall that lists some local athletes that we want to keep track of and how they do at their sport. If you have younger children, consider hosting some olympic games this week at your home. Help them jump high (ski jump), bobsleigh (pull them on a sled), twirl (figure skating), slide a plastic plate across the table (curling), run around the yard (speed skate), etc. Use the bottom of cups dipped into the olympic color paint to create the olympic rings to display. use construction paper to make your nations’ flag or your heritages’ flag.



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