How to Torture Siblings: Rule #1

Make them attend a sibling’s extracurricular activity. Oh, the torture!

My daughter Brooke has attended countless of her brother’s basketball practices, cub scout pack meetings, t-ball games and general school functions.  With little to no complaint, she  sits between my husband and I as we cheer for and watch her big brother. Why, oh, why  is it so hard for Kyle to return the favor?

I mean, you would have thought that he was somehow going to implode if he was forced to sit one more minute and watch his little sister in her karate class last night. I thought of offering him up as a practice dummy for the dozen swinging, kicking 5-year-olds in the class. Was that wrong?

Read how the night ended and leave a comment. We need to add on to: How to Torture a Sibling!

“I’m bored.”

“I’m hungry.”

“I’m tired.”

“This is boring.”

Before you get the idea that this was an all-day karate marathon, please note it is a weekly 30 MINUTE class.

“Kyle, sit up.” His body had half slid off the chair due to pure and utter exhaustion, I’m sure.

“I heard that you are bored, hungry and tired,” I say calmly. “The class ends when the long hand is on the 8. We will go home and you can eat and go to bed. You have to wait and be patient. Just like I expect your sister to be at your special nights.”

Silence for an entire 30 SECONDS. “Mommy, I’m…..”

Then, from there on in, until the long hand on the clock struck 8, I “Shhhhh” him. That’s a lot better than having him stand in for some kicking demonstrations.

– Heather


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  1. Very funny! Thanks for sharing!

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