Protect Your Brother…

Good news: I am going away with my husband for an entire weekend (OK – that is REALLY good news!) Bad news: I am leaving my two boys behind (to fend for themselves…appartently).

Noah (almost 7) misses me when I am gone but if there is a distraction such as a wii game, a good book or a pancake dripping with syrup he is going to be just fine. He takes care of himself and is extremely laid back. Jake (age 5) can have a good time but is on the defense. It is almost like he is waiting for something to pop out and scare him most of the time. Let’s put it this way – something rocks his comfort zone and he may just pass out.

Fast forward to my little sister’s idea of helping to make this weekend possible.

To say she loves these boys is an understatement. She doesn’t want their first sleepover to be fun, she wants it to be better than Disneyland. She’s made big plans. Not only will there be pizza, cake, fireworks (I am not kidding), there will also be farm animals (again, not kidding). A woman is coming by with baby animals that will be roaming around her living room for the kids to play with. Sounds amazing – right?

Let me get back to Jake. Last week, I took him to the mall. He spotted a pet store and asked to go in. He gooed over the puppies in cages, and peered into the rabbit cage. During this time, I spotted a puppy that was roaming about the store. In a blink of an eye that puppy was at Jake’s feet. Before I could react and grab Jake, Jake gasped and took off running (and crying) into the mall. The puppy thought it was a game and joined Jake for the run. It was a scene as I was screaming for Jake to stop running and the puppy was yapping and Jake was bawling! Jake circled around me about 5 times before I could grab him (man, he can move fast).

So an animals farm for Jake sounds awesome.

I wanted this weekend bad so I warned my sister about protecting Jake and as I was tucking Noah in, I realized I should call big brother into duty as well.

“Noah, you and Jake are sleeping at Auntie Amy’s house on Friday and then…”

interrupted. “I can’t wait to see the baby billy-goat that wears a diaper and…”

Interupted. “Yeah, Noah about that. I was wondering if you could keep an extra eye out for…”

Interupted. “The chicks will be so cute, do you think I could pick them up?”

“Sure, Noah. Can you just keep an eye out for Jake.”


“He gets so scared of…”

Interupted. ” Mom, they are baby animals. They will be small. Jake is bigger that them. I’ll tell him Mom.”

“Wow, Noah. Thanks. That makes me feel so much…”

Interupted. “Can I bring a puppy home?”

Did I mention he is clever?


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