Countdown to National Siblings Day – April 10

Are you a skeptic? Can siblings really learn to love each other? C’mon, really? There are no guarantees – just ideas to help create sibling harmony in your home through play and guidance. Take a look at this drawing my 5-year-old daughter recently drew for her brother. Hearts and all!

In honor of National Sibling Day on April 10, we want to share a few of our favorite activities to help encourage sibling togetherness, halt sibling squabbling, and create lasting sibling memories.

We’ve also planned some events in the area – so definitely check out our Upcoming Events page for listings including sibling fun at “It’s a Baby & Family Expo” coming to the Bayside Expo Center in Boston on March 20 & 21.

Sibling fun should begin early and never end!

  • Team Family:  Helping Hands (p. 236)

In this ongoing activity, children create a hand display noting the many ways they help each other.

  • Music & Movement:  Pick a Move (p. 82)

Use a deck of cards and some imagination to get your family moving and laughing together.

  • Arts & Crafts:  Let Me See Your Funny Face (p. 276)

Paper plate self-portraits will reveal the similarities and differences in your children’s faces.

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