At the End of a Rainbow

For Saint Patrick’s Day, make a rainbow windsock complete with a trail of dazzling gold coins!

Cut several circles, each about two inches in diameter, from thin cardboard. Give each child some cardboard circles to decorate with yellow paint, yellow crayons, or yellow tissue paper and glue. Set these gold coins aside when finished.

To make a windsock, roll a sheet of green construction paper lengthwise to create a tube. Staple the edges together to hold the tube’s shape. You and your older children can then cut 1-inche wide strips from construction paper in rainbow colors. Staple one end of each strip to the tube so they dangle from the bottom. Next punch a hole at the bottom of each strip and at the top of each coin. Using yarn, tie each coin to a strip. Lastly, punch a hole at the top of the tube and string it with yarn so you can display the windsock outside or inside your home.

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