March is National Bubble Month

Ten things you can do to make bubbles even more fun!

1.) Add food coloring to bubbles. Ask your children what color bubble is the brightest.

2.) Pour bubble solution into a kiddie pool and use a hula hoop as your wand!

3.) Blow bubbles onto paper to make bubble art.

4.) Use empty frozen juice cans with lids off for awesome bubble making.

5.) Run through the yard with the wand behind you to make a long trail of bubbles.

6.) Do ‘The Bubble Stomp and Clap’ – how many bubbles can you pop before they get too far away?

8.) Use a spatula as a bubble wand! Lots of cool small bubbles.

9.) Wet your hands with bubble solution and try to catch bubbles in your hands. How long before they pop?

10.) In a pail, bucket or wash basin pour in 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of liquid dish soap, and 1/8 cup of glycerin for your own bubble solution!

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