Family Time

We know – we are all busy. I know this weekend coming up I have karate class from one son, ice skating practice for another, some shopping I have to do and a good ol’ birthday I told a parent I would attend. It seems that as the kids get older, we have more and more running around and less and less of family time. I also know how hard it is to follow your own advice. I have been talking for years about the importance of family time and recently I stopped and looked at my ridiculous calendar and realized my household was a bunch of ships passing in the night. I saw Noah long enough to wrap a present with him and force him to sign a card. I visited with Jake while I tied his sneakers and Matt and I were able to quickly (and quite efficiently I may add) communicate about what time we needed to meet back to exchange car seats so he could get to a meeting. Why am I telling you all of this? Well, mostly it is what I am currently reflecting on and because I know I have got to make a change.

Good, old-fashioned family time is what I am talking about. I am not talking about the time you spend in the car or the time you show up someplace together and then go off and visit with other people. I am talking about time with just your family unit – no matter what the unit looks like. Spending time with another opens up the lines of communication and keeps all of you learning about one another. There is no other place on earth that children feel more important than when they are spending happy, quality, uninterrupted time with their family.

So pack up a lunch and go for a hike or try out bowling (without inviting friends) or use one of the many activities from The Siblings’ Busy Book to have a quiet day at home but whatever you do JUST DO IT.

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