I don’t know about you but this time of year makes me want to break out the chalk and play hopscotch. It was one of my favorite things to do as a child and a definite win with children of all ages! There are so many variations out there so try a few and see what the favorites really are!

How to Play Rayuela

There can be any number of players, and a stone is the only object you need to play it. If you are the first player, you draw a figure on the floor with a piece of chalk.

Then you throw the stone inside square one. After that, you have to hop into each square, starting with square 1 and ending in square eight.

If there are two squares together, you jump landing with one foot in each square; but if there is only one square, you must hop on one foot.

When you reach squares 7 and 8, you have to turn back jumping again until square 1. Then you continue playing the next level.

This time you begin by throwing the stone into square number 2. In the next level, you throw it into square number 3. You continue until level 8.

The first player who does all the levels is the winner. The most important thing is that the player has to skip the square where the stone is.

Special Rules of the Game

The game has some rules. If an of the following things happen, the player has to stop and another player takes a turn.

  • The player can’t put his/her foot or feet on the lines of the square.
  • The player can’t jump with two feet in squares 1, 2, 3, and 6.
  • The player can’t fall down.

Silly Snake Hopscotch 

This is a simple hopscotch pattern for playing with smaller kids. You can make the snake more wiggly if you like.

HOME is the head of the snake.

Each player takes turns to run through steps 1 to 5.

After he successfully completes every number, he repeats the order, but this time, he gets to do step 7 to try and claim a space as his home. HOME (the space indicated by the footprints) cannot be claimed as an individual player’s home.

The winner is the player who collects the MOST homes.

Shoot The Meteors Hopscotch 

This pattern is for boys who think hopscotch is for “giiiiirls”. The basic game-play is the same as the others except for how the winner is determined (explained below).

A spaceship finds itself in the middle of a meteor shower and the crew must blast its way through the meteors.

HOME is the tip of the spaceship.

Players are divided into 2 teams. After each player successfully completes every number, he repeats the order, but this time, he gets to do step 7 to try and blast the numbered meteors by landing his token on them.

There are 2 ways to determine the winner :

  • If a player blasts a meteor, he gets one point and the meteor is erased. The winning team is the one who blasts the most meteors. You can draw as many meteors as you want before you begin playing.
  • Points are assigned to each meteor (example : big meteors are worth 2 points, small meteors are worth 10 points – because they’re more difficult to land on). When a player’s token lands on a meteor, he earns those points, but the meteor isn’t erased. The winning team is the one that collects the most points.

If you notice, there’s an optional bomb in the pattern. If you land your token on the bomb, you “blast” the other team, meaning you choose one player from that team to lose a turn.

No matter what grid you use, there are many ways to play. Here are a few examples:

  • After each player completes the first sequence successfully, each tosses their marker onto the grid. Whatever square their marker lands on becomes their neutral square. Each player then initials that square and can use it as a rest spot or neutral area during the rest of the game. If the marker lands on a square that is already claimed or lands on a line, the player must complete another sequence before trying the toss again.


  • To make the game more challenging, change the grid so it has more single boxes.


  • Play a round of category hopscotch. Choose a category for each player (wild animals, colors, boy’s names, countries, etc). Players hop on one foot throughout the grid. Each time they land on a square, they must call out an item from their category. For example, as Susie hops through the grid she calls out names from her category (wild animals), such as “lion, tiger, elephant, monkey”. Their turn ends if they miss a call or land on a line.


  • Team hopscotch is for four or more players, and teams need a minimum of two players each. First everyone needs to agree on the number of turns each person gets before basic play starts. The finishing position of each team member is added together and the team with the highest number wins.

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