Celebrating Earth Day with your Family!

Now that spring has finally sprung in New England, I can’t help but notice the beauty Earth provides this time of year. I had gotten so used to the dark, yellow-ish, brown-ish colors of winter that when the tulips came out with magnificent colors I felt like celebrating! I want my kids to celebrate as well and the approaching holiday Earth Day is the perfect way to encourage it!

We have to raise a generation that appreciates its land and resources and we should start instilling that as early as possible that is why we have a chapter called ‘World Family’ in our book. It is chalk full of ideas for coming together and caring for our world. Here are some ways you can celebrate this year.

1. Grab some gloves and trash bags and head to a local park. Tell your children the things you want ONLY adults to pick up (ie. glass, cigarettes, etc.)

2. Buy some seeds at a local store and do some planting. Kids love to watch as the plant sprouts over the weeks.

3. Adopt a tree! You can learn more about this in our book!

4. Donate used books. Encourage reusing and recycling!

5. Make nature crafts. You can do this by pressing flowers or building twig houses outside.

6. Create a family composte pile.

7.  Cook an all organic meal for Earth day!

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