Plant a Sunflower and spread the sunshine!

I have to say this has to be one of the most satisfying things to grow! It is an easy plant to care for and grows to such huge heights (anywhere from 8 – 12 feet) that your children are sure to be impressed!

Grab a packet of seeds and follow these simple instructions and in no time you will see a tiny seed emerge into a spectacular flower.

We think it is alot of fun to start this plant indoors in a small clear cup or a pot. Place the seed 1″ deep in the potting soil. Water the plant well each day and place in direct sunlight. After 3-4 weeks move the sunflower outside.

This makes an excellent cut flower and when the times comes to harvest the flower (when the back is yellow) you can hang the flower upside down in warm dry place. You can use the seeds to replant next season, to roast or as birdseed! 


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