Sprinkler Games

As the hot weather approaches New England and continues in other parts of the USA – the sprinkler can provide the ultimate cool-off and endless games. Check out these ideas with siblings of all ages.

Sprinkler Race for your school-age child:

Materials – sprinkler, plastic cups, a bucket, marker and his or her favorite song

Give your child a plastic cup and tell her she will use it to collect water at the sprinkler. When the cup is full, she will run to the bucket and pour the water in it. The bucket will be marked at a certain level and her goal will be to collect enough water in the bucket to reach that line before the song ends. For fun, have two children our teams of children race to different buckets. Which team will fill it to the mark before the song ends?

Sprinkler Tag for your preschooler:

Materials: Sprinkler

After your child has had time to cool off introduce the fun and simple game of sprinkler tag. The idea is for your child to out run the sprinkler before it sprays him with water. Wether your sprinkler goes around and around or up and down, make it exciting by cheering him on before her gets tagged by the sprinkler!

Sprinkler Car Wash for your toddler:

Materials:  sprinkler, bucket, sponges, dish soap, riding toys

Mix some soap and water in a small bucket. Give your child a sponge to dip in the bucket and rub on his riding toy. When he has made some good bubbles, let him ride his toy through the car wash (the sprinkler) to rinse it all away and reveal his shiny toy!

Sprinkler Sounds for your baby:

Materials: sprinkler set at low, aluminum pans, plastic cups, plastic ball

Set the sprinkler at low ands let baby feel the water spray on her hands. To give her auditory delight hold each object listed above over the spraying water!


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