Season of Change

We all think of summer as a breath of fresh air, a time to relax and to let go but to me (especially this year) it has meant a time of change and moving on. In the last three days, things that have been part of my weekly and daily routine were closed out and I am left here wishing that this summertime never arrived.

Sure, I like change and I like beaches but things were going along so nicely. My kids had routines, classmates they loved, teachers that they adored and teammates that encourged them. On Thursday, I walked into a KINDERGARTEN orientation and looked for any familiar faces in my son’s class and guess what? Not a one. I sighed and tried my hardest to look at it in a positive way.

Kids are resilient – they respond to change in a braver and simpler way. Jake didn’t nervously look around at all his new classmates, he just wanted the crayons moved closer so he could reach them. When Noah got his trophy on the LAST day of soccer, he wasn’t tearing up, he was anxious to get to Dairy Queen for his ice cream.

I am going to take a page out of their book and live in the moment as the summer unwinds. I plan on enjoying every moment the summer brings without worrying about who he will sit next to on the bus or who is coach will be in the next league and embrace all the new faces, routines and events with a childlike manner (not immature manner but with a childlike curiosity and hope).

I am hopeful and anxious for my boys to get to know each other again as full-day playmates, for my family to function without a clock telling us when pick-up and drop-off time is. Yes, summer means change this year and I guess I am starting to get used to it already!

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