Homes Fit for Fairies

I love going to the beach.

My kids do too but lying still and sunbathing isn’t their idea of a fantastic summer day.

Even though there is water, sand, snacks and other beach front distractions, I always end up hearing, “I’m bored.” Can’t a mom get some un-interupted time in the sun??

We all know that fairies like to camp out on beaches, right? Stay with me on this. They need a place to rest so they need kids to help build a house out of rocks, seaweed, shells, sand and twigs. You know what? I loved this idea and took a break from sunbathing to help my daughter building a four-bedroom unit! And this is not just for the young ladies. Her brother was right in on the action. He made fire pits with tiny sticks and work benches out of flat rocks.

This family can go to bed feeling good that some little fairies have a place to lay their weary heads at a beach in Massachusetts!

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