Vacation Collages

Chances are you and your family may take a vacation or a day trip sometime this summer and a great way to relive it is with a picture collage! You can keep the collage in a scrapbook or put in a frame to display either way all of your children will enjoy the wonderful reminders of the time you spent together!

My family and I took our first trip to Disney this past April. Of course, we took lots of pictures and the boys loved looking at them and talking about the memories of each event. This past week, I let them print up about 20 pictures each of their choosing and took them to the craft store to buy either a small scrapbook or a large frame and photo tape. We had everything else (scissors and a marker)we needed at home. Jake chose to cut out and arrange pictures in a scrapbook and Noah chose to create a collage in a frame. Both boys are going to write things they never want to forget!

This project can apply for even the youngest traveler. Most babies and toddlers love to look at pictures. Help them make a small book of the people or places they love. Ask you toddler things like, “Who is that?” and record her response. With your baby, name the person or the thing in the picture for her. Make sure you cover the pictures with laminate so they will not be eaten and destroyed.

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