Stargazing is fun as a planned event or as a spontaneous opportunity! More often than not, cook-outs, special events or late night ice cream nights keep my family out later than usual on summer evenings so our stargazing can sometimes happen unexpectedly. Just a few nights ago, we were walking inside from a night at the movies when we stopped dead in our tracks to observe the night sky. No matter, your age, stargazing can capture attention on those clear summer nights.

In our Outdoor Adventure chapter we have an activity that will give each of your family members something to think about while gazing into the sky. Your baby can be held or be laying on her back while she listens to the sounds of her family’s voices or the animals that can be heard only at night. Ask your toddler what he notices in the sky. Have him point to the brightest object and tell you what shape he thinks it is. Your preschooler and school age children might be more intrigued with a little preparation on your part. Using a constellation map, help them spot the North Star and other exciting constellations.

Whatever it is you decide to talk about or point out while lying with your family will be valuable. We all know it is important to “stop and smell the roses” but it is just as important to stop and gaze at the stars!

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