Hiking with your Family

Hiking can be a lot of fun and there are many reasons to do it. They include being one with nature, great excercise, amazing views and even for the challenge of it all. Just because you have small children does not mean that you have to miss out on this past time.

After my recent hike on Mount Monadnock got me thinking on how this can work for even the smallest children. Follow these tips and have a great time.

Just like with anything else you do with your children, picture it from their eyes. Forget any records you want to break during your hike and focus on being on your child’s pace. Walk for 15 minutes and break for 15. Let them throw rocks in a stream, collect leaves, run their fingers over moss or drag a stick around.  The benefits for this kind of exploration is endless!

For more motivation to move forward, promise a hiking party. Have a special candy to share, a book to read, a whistle to blow, etc.

Start with easy trails so that your child can feel secure and not exhausted. Avoid high altitudes for that can avoid breathing or cause fussiness.

For your youngest trailer use a backpack so that your back can have the support it needs. Your baby will love the sights and sounds from way up there.

Pack a knapsack with food, water, wipes (got sap on my fingers a lot), a camera, sweatshirts and a paper bag to collect nature items!

Have a blast!

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