Meet Four Sisters in Business!

We just LOVE happy sibling stories and had to share this one with you.  I’m also a fan of their products. Maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own family business!?

What do you get when you cross an entrepreneurial-minded mom with four creative daughters? A growing company whose motto is “Funky Soaps 4 Funky Folks”!

4 Sisters Soaps specializes in unique handcrafted soaps all made (as the label on each
states) “With Laughter & Love” by four sisters, ages 1-11, and their mother. Ellen
Zagorsky Goldberg, the “Founder and Mom” of the company says “we work together,
and it’s a crazy-but-fun experience for all of us”.

The family got their soap-making start in 2004, when Ellen’s aunt gave her daughters a
kit for making soap. By the time the girls had made the two soaps possible from the kit,
they were hooked on this hobby.

“What mom wouldn’t like a hobby where the cleanup is so easy?!” asks Ellen. “Just add water, and the kids and all the supplies are clean!”
Ellen, a registered nurse with a master’s degree in pediatric nursing, also likes that the
soaps make hand washing fun: “One of our regular customers is a piano teacher. She
says all of her young students ask to use the bathroom during lessons so that they can
check out what new soaps she has each week. Then she hears the water in the sink run
and run while they do a long hand washing!”
The sisters like the creativity involved in the business. They have designed unique
creations like a ‘Best Friends’ soap that comes apart into two pieces and a ‘painted
toesies’ foot-shaped soap that looks like its had a pedicure! Even the baby was the
inspiration for an entire line of baby-themed soaps that are perfect favors for baby
showers and naming ceremonies, or as gifts for new parents.
The creative aspects are only part of the equation here. “I really like that my kids are
learning about how to run a business, as well as dealing with the more difficult sides of it,
such as following-through with a big order, even if it gets boring making the same soaps
again and again,” Ellen says.
The family also likes the growth potential of 4 Sisters Soaps. As the girls say, “Everyone
needs soap!”

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