Peace-keeping Sibling Activities

Looking for some calm in your household? Kids getting on eachothers’ nerves? Here are our top picks for activities to keep the peace between siblings:

1) Make believe library: It has to be quiet in the library, right? Gather up some books and comfy chairs (aka stack of pillows) and let them flip through the pages

2) Make homemade playdough: Let each child pick out the color they want (use food coloring to eliminate any sharing problems) and give them a few cookie cutters. Great way to use some creative juices and allow for some independent play.

3) Focus on others: Does a neighbor need some cheering up? Maybe you can bake a cake and deliver it? Is there a local pantry that could use a donation? Brainstorm together, gather what you need to brighten someone elses’ day.

4) Get in shape: Try some yoga positions to calm tensions down. Stretches work well too.Lead them in a few and join in. It may help you stay de-stressed too.

5) Get visual: One of my kids’ favorite peaceful activities is helping them imagine something peaceful. Have them lay down and close their eyes while you paint a picture of one of their favorite places and things to do. My kids love a beach scene with flying kites and all the ice-cream in the world.

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