Leaf Place Mats

Hate to admit it but its officially fall today. Get in the spirit of the season with our super family-friendly leaf place mats! Autumn leaves will make beautiful place settings for the whole family.




Paper grocery bags

Decorative paper (optional)

Glue sticks



Contact paper

  1. Cut paper grocery bags into 8-inch-by-11 inch rectangles.
  2. Decorate the place mat using stickers, paper or crayons.
  3. Lightly paint one side of a leaf and press the imprint onto the mat.
  4. Glue leaves onto the homemade placemats.
  5. When the finished place mats are dry, cover them with clear contact paper and trim the excess.

Source: “The Busy Siblings’ Busy Book: 200 Fun Activities for Kids of Different Ages” (2008) Used with permission by Meadowbrook Press.

Leaf observations

Curious what types of trees are in your neighborhood? You can start by examining the leaves you find. Here are some ways to get started:

Smooth-edge leaves as the name suggests have a smooth contour with no particular projections on the edges. Willow leaves are a perfect example of a smooth-edge leaf.

Lobed leaves have a contour that is divided by empty spaces called a sinuses that separate two lobes. The oak leaf is an example of a lobed leaf.

Leaves with pointed teeth of the same size are called toothed-edge leaves. Take a look at a Balsam poplar; it has leaves with toothed edges.

Some leaves have two sizes of teeth on their contour, large teeth which themselves contain smaller pointed teeth. These are called double-toothed leaves. You’ll see the small teeth more clearly with a magnifying glass with a white birch leaf.

For more information, visit Tree World at Domtar.com

(source: http://www.domtar.com/arbre/english/des_formes_formidables/feuillu_feuille.asp)

Some fall reading

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

By Betsy Maestro


Leaf Man

By Lois Ehlert


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