Giving Back With Your Family…

Everyone in the New England area should get in on the Great Day of Service that serves Rhode Island. Every Columbus Day for the last three years I have had the privilege of helping charitable organization in RI with my family. My sons were 3 & 5 on their first day of Great Day of Service and were chosen to help make cookies for the homeless shelter. On the way to the event my husband and I explained what we would be doing and who it would be helping. We spent three long, hot, FUN hours in the kitchen of a church scooping cookie dough on to trays. We made thousands of cookies. My sons hung in there and really chipped in and when asked by a news reporter why they were there my 5-year-old proudly announced he was making cookies for people who needed food and smiles. PHEW!

Last year, we volunteered at an animal shelter. We painted and stenciled walls and made cat and dog treats for the animals in the shelter. We loved being there and seeing first hand the ones we were helping – the adorable dogs and cats!

This year we headed off to make care packages for the soldiers in the war zone. We had given the boys the choice and there is almost nothing they admire more than the men and women who fight in the war. Barbara Moore who ran the organization blew me away with all that she had to prepare and bring to the site so we could make over 40 packages that were jammed packed with food, cards and magazines! To begin our hard work, Barbara had us join around to see a shadow box that had been created and donated by a solider in Iraq after receiving the packages her team had sent the year prior. She shared a letter that a kind Lt. Douglas had written on his Unit’s behalf expressing their gratitude for the kindness. He also donated a flag that was flown “in the enemies face” last December as another token of appreciation. As if on cue, Lt. Douglas walked into our small site to thank us personally. My youngest looked at the Lt. awe-struck. They exchanged a handshake where they both thanked one another.

Sign ups begin in September for the next Great Day of Service. Friend them on Facebook as a constant reminder of how important giving back is for the entire family.

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