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WINNER of the “Greatest Products of 2008” award from iParenting Media Awards

Gold Award in Parenting Resources by the National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA)

Gold Amca_logo_honoree_72dpi_rgb_webward for The Mom’s Choice Awards® as the best in products and services in 2009.

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Siblings are each other’s first playmates. Through play and exploration, they learn the art of cooperation and team work and the joys of friendship and fun! You’ll find over two hundred activities in The Siblings’ Busy Book ($9.95, Meadowbrook Press, August 2008) and each has been designed to engage multiple children of varying ages.

Here’s what makes this book, a must-have for any parent or caregiver experiencing the joys of a growing household:

  • An easy-to-reference grid listing the materials you’ll need for all ages plus specific age groups
  • A brief overview explaining setup and general instructions
  • Developmentally appropriate guidelines for four separate age groups (baby, toddler, preschooler and school-age child)

We’ve organized the book in themed chapters so you can easily find ideas for fun play outdoors and out on the town, plus indoor activities for when the weather keeps you inside. We’ve also included ideas for creative movement and music, kitchen adventures, learning exploration, arts and crafts, pretend play, seasonal celebrations and more. In addition, we offer fun and positive ways you children can work together as a family and make their world a better place.

So get ready to explore the outdoors, experiment in the kitchen, jump and dance in your living room and much more!

Need another reason to keep this book close by?

Recent studies validate what most parents already know:

  • Positive early experiences between siblings can lead to harmony in future years.
  • Children teach and learn from one another.

About Us

Authors of “The Siblings’ Busy Book”

There’s not much in life that we haven’t done together. We attended the same schools. We graduated from college on the same day; got married two months apart; gave birth to our first children five months apart and there’s only a three week difference between our second children. Towards the end of our second pregnancies, we went on a late evening errand to a local department store. Hair back in ponytails, tummies out wide, we waddled and chatted through the aisles. We hardly noticed the many shoppers gawking at us – the identical (and very pregnant) twins!

At that time, our conversations didn’t have much to do with labor techniques or the best car seats on the market. Our concerns were more focused on our growing families – what would it be like to have more than one child? As our children grew, would they be close? In what ways could we make spending time together fun?

Not long after welcoming our second children, Brooke and Jake into our families, we discovered that many of the fun activities we enjoyed with our oldest children could be enhanced and altered to be equally fun for the younger ones. We found great new ways to spend time with our kids together- at the same time, using the same materials. Much to our pleasure, our children were having a great time together – sibling bonding was off to an excellent start in our homes!

This culminated into what we are proud to introduce as The Siblings’ Busy Book, the newest addition to Meadowbrook Press’ popular “Busy Book” collection.

And now…Just the Facts

Pictured above: Identical twin sisters Lisa Hanson (right) and Heather Kempskie (left) lead successful careers in child-related professions.

Lisa (right) has a Masters in Creative Arts in Learning and is a third grade teacher in Hopedale, Mass.

Heather is the editor of Parents and Kids, an-awarding winning monthly parenting publication serving the suburbs of greater Boston.

Constant companions – these women prove that sibling fun never ends!

They both reside in Bellingham, Massachusetts with their husbands and children.


7 Responses

  1. Congratulations Miss Lisa and Heather!!!! We can’t wait to get a copy! I’m sure The Siblings’ Busy Book is going to my a big hit in my family!!

    Raylle & Braxton

  2. I am so, so proud of you both!! Heather… you are a rock star.

  3. Super user-friendly and easy-to-use. As a mother who doesn’t really do “play” with kids, this was manageable and eye-opening. Also helps direct play with kids of different ages doing similar activities. This one is a keeper – will recommend highly to patients and parent groups. Thank you.

  4. Hey girls! I gave out 6 of your postcards to friends and co-workers who all were happy about your book! I also had a few co-workers write down your info off the postcards I gave out (sorry, they were not mailed – just hand delivered!)

    So, put 6 handed out – about 10 people reached in Tulsa, OK!

    Thanks for all you have said – and do! 🙂 The Escape was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lisa,
    I just saw you and Heather on Chronicle. Your book sounds great! What a wonderful accomplishment for you both. Congratulations!!!

  6. I just wanted to congratulate you both on working with children. You do a fantasic job and you have some amazing ideas! Imust give lots of credit to your parents too!

    I hope your book reaches the best seller list!

    I work with pre-teens and teens to help build their confidence and self-esteem. I work with troubled teens, self esured and everyone in between! My site is http://www.believeinyou.biz. Please read some nice parent testimonials. My school is located in Worcester, MA!

  7. Congratulations Lisa,
    Remember me.
    I came across your book recently, as I am a mother of two now with a third on the way! Hope you and your sister have continued success.

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