Busy Siblings Podcast – Listen now!


Our weekly podcast will return in September. In the meantime, take a listen to our pre-aired podcasts!

The 15-minute podcast offering tips and advice on raising siblings. Hosted by us (Heather Kempskie and Lisa Hanson). At the end of each  segment, listen for ‘Heather’s Helpful Tip’ – a quick tip for raising happy siblings and for ‘Lisa’s Activity of the Week’ – an activity all your children will enjoy.

Thanks for tuning in each Friday!

Also now available on iTunes

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BusySiblings33: (June 11, 2010): How can you survive summer with siblings?

BusySiblings32 (June 4, 2010): Want to learn how to make breakfast in a bag? We share tips and fun activities to make this summer family camping trip a complete success.

BusySiblings31: (May 21, 2010): Want to know how sibling rivalry feels? This week, walk in your kids’ shoes with two of our favorite exercises!

BusySiblings29: (April 29, 2010): Will Lisa spend the day getting a manicure? Will Heather spend it with her kids? We offer our best ideas for family fun and adorable crafts that moms will treasure forever!

BusySiblings28: (April 23, 2010): Earth Day is this week. Learn simple ways you and your family can make a difference. Also, Heather and Lisa are visited by a strange bird – is there some sort of secret message?

BusySiblings26: (March 19, 2010): The only child. So many stereotypes but are they true? Why being an only child gives you an advantage when it comes to raising siblings.

BusySiblings25: (March 12, 2010): Don’t you just love waiting with kids? Waiting at the pediatrician’s office, at the supermarket or even driving in your car can easily make the entire tribe crazy! Here are some of our favorite activities when life finds you “Out & About!”

BusySiblings24: (March 5, 2010): Do you have a favorite? You don’t have to admit it but if you’re curious about how common this is and why it can happen in the first place, then tune in!

BusySiblings 23: (Feb. 26, 2010) Is dinnertime your favorite part of the day? Not! How can you keep the kids busy while your prepare a nutritious-y meal? We’ve got ideas plus a few recipes for snacks your kids will love!

BusySiblings21 (February 5, 2010): Valentine’s Day fun. Activities all the kids will LOVE.

BusySiblings20 (January 29, 2010): Ah, sisters. One day you love them like crazy and the next you want to wring their neck. Sound familiar? We talk about this emotionally-charged relationship that is worth saving!

BusySiblings19 (January 22, 2010): Brothers tend to tackle each other one moment and then become a dynamic duo the next. What are the challenges of raising brothers? We’ll tell you the best parts.

BusySiblings18 (January 15, 2010):  Dreading the long winter days that stretch out before you? Hear some of our favorite winter time activities that will keep your children happy and busy.

We’re Back! BusySiblings17 (January 8, 2010): What’s it like being an identical twin? Would we prefer to be singletons? What unique challenges do parents of twins face? We offer personal experiences and expert tips.

BusySiblings16 (December 18, 2009): It doesn’t matter if your family tradition involves a fruitcake, annual showing of “The Christmas Story,” or a trip to New York. What does matter is that you have them. Your children will look back on those moments that made the family closer. Heather shares some pointers on creating tradition and Lisa gives you a simple way to remember special moments in 2009.

BusySiblings15 (December 11, 2009): Do you fret over how many gifts each of your children get during the holidays? Do you obsess over getting them the same amount? We’ll answer this and also about the importance of having kids give a gift  to their siblings.

BusySiblings14 (December 4, 2009): We introduce you to our extended family and talk about adult sibling relationships, funny memories and how raising kids is different now than it was back then.

BusySiblings 13 (November 27, 2009): Think its impossible to teach your children to be thankful? We know it feels that way! We offer a few simple ways to tackle this challenge including charitable giving and the lost art of writing thank you cards. Next week: Meet the extended family. What was it like to grow up in a big family (six kids) and why their relationship is so important today.

BusySiblings Podcast 12 (November 20, 2009): This week, how to deal with sibling fighting. Simple steps that will allow you to ditch that  referee job!   ‘Heather’s Helpful Tip” encourages you to acknowledge feelings, not hurtful actions. ‘Lisa’s Activity of the Week,’ will have the kids begging to help! Next week: The Seasons of Thanks.

BusySiblingsPodcast11: (November 13, 2009):  This week, become enlightened and understood when we’re joined by fellow moms who share some happy sibling moments – and not so happy ones – between their children.  Taped live from Napa at the Manic Mommies escape. Special thanks to the moms who shared their stories. Next week: Strategies to deal with sibling rivalry.

BusySiblingsPodcast10: (November 6, 2009): Discover the unique qualities of first borns (and the challenging ones too!) At the end of the segment, listen for ‘Heather’s Helpful Tip’ on parenting the first born and ‘Lisa’s Activity of the Week’ that will make everyone in your family a star!

BusySiblingsPodcast9: (October 30, 2009): This week, we discuss the decision to add on to your family. Is a little brother a gift or a torture device? At the end of the segment, listen for ‘Heather’s Helpful Tip’ on simple solutions to introduce baby to the family and ‘Lisa’s Activity of the Week’

BusySiblings Podcast 8: (Oct. 23, 2009): This week, we reveal competitiveness between family members (foul play at an instructional soccer game!) At the end of the segment, listen for ‘Heather’s Helpful Tip’ on avoiding artificial competition in your home and ‘Lisa’s Activity of the Week’ on an outdoor game for winners only!

BusySiblingsPodcast7: (Oct. 16, 2009): Road Trip (Don’t Pack the Guilt!) We hit the road to Mall of America for the World’s Biggest Baby Shower! Topics include how to pick a name, unique themes for baby showers and our guilt over leaving the kids behind.

BusySiblingsPodcast6: (Oct. 9, 2009): It’s Spooky Sibling Stories! Crazy stuff we (and friends and strangers) did together as kids that was kind of scary but now in retrospect kind of funny. Halloween activities and fire safety too.

BusySiblingsPodcast5: (Oct. 2, 2009): This week’s podcast reveals our darkest secret: We’re not perfect. Like all parents, we tend to compare our kids. How do you stop? Why should you?

BusySiblingsPodcast4: (Sept. 25, 2009): Oh, the Pain! Lisa and Heather relive their childhood fights. Who’s fault was it anyway? Tips on how to handle sibling fighting and more.

BusySiblingsPodcast3: (Sept. 18, 2009) Pleasers or Provokers? We talk about our little sister (yeah, we tortured her a little bit!) and share some insight into the personality of the youngest born.

BusySiblingsPodcast2: (Sept. 11, 2009) Vomit & Transitions – from going back to school to introducing a new baby brother or sister into the family, there’s stories and advice even for the faint-hearted!

BusySiblingsPodcast1: (Sept. 4, 2009) Insight into our own sibling relationship (Lisa totally messed up Heather’s third grade reputation!).


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