Buy the Book or Win the Book


“The Siblings’ Busy Book” is available at bookstores nationwide. You can place your online order today!

Also, during the month of January 2010, several local radio stations will be hosting contests. Be sure to tune into WBZ-AM 1030 NewsRadio, 93.7 Mike to find out how you can win a free copy!

At last! Here’s a book that offers parents and daycare providers unique and simple ways to stimulate and entertain multiage children, from babies and toddlers to preschoolers and school-age kids. Each activity promotes ways to: Teach kids of different ages to share and work together, strengthen relationships among siblings by having fun.

Encourage empathy and patience by helping one another,Stimulate physical, mental, and emotional growth by moving, thinking, and imagining together,celebrate holidays and create family traditions. The Siblings Busy Book is based on the idea that siblings who play together form strong relationships that will last a lifetime.It should be required reading for anyone raising or teaching multiage children.
Buy the book today!

Perfect for hospital gift shops and stores that cater to new parents

If you’d like to order bulk copies, please e-mail Dawn at <>


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