Giving Back With Your Family…

Everyone in the New England area should get in on the Great Day of Service that serves Rhode Island. Every Columbus Day for the last three years I have had the privilege of helping charitable organization in RI with my family. My sons were 3 & 5 on their first day of Great Day of Service and were chosen to help make cookies for the homeless shelter. On the way to the event my husband and I explained what we would be doing and who it would be helping. We spent three long, hot, FUN hours in the kitchen of a church scooping cookie dough on to trays. We made thousands of cookies. My sons hung in there and really chipped in and when asked by a news reporter why they were there my 5-year-old proudly announced he was making cookies for people who needed food and smiles. PHEW!

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Road trip to NYC and Fox News

4 hours of sleep

8 hours in the car roundtrip

8 hours in NYC city

Totally worth it! Here’s a glimpse into the day in the life of Lisa and I as we take a roadtrip to NY for our first national broadcast appearance on FOX News Strategy Room.

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My 7-Year Performance Review

I’ve been at this Mom-thing for seven years now. I haven’t had a performance review yet. No raise either.

I decided to check in with my bosses (7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter) to see where I stood.

What did I discover? There’s always room to improve.

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You’re a Smartie! A sibling exchange

My 6-year-old son was eating some candy, when he asked, “Mom are ‘Smarties’ good for you?”

“No, sorry but candy is not good for you.”

“But, mom, it’s called ‘Smarties,” he said as he pointed to his head/brain in exasperation.

“Yeah, you’re right the name is misleading. But if your idea is right, broccoli should really be called ‘Smarties,” I suggested.


“Because broccoli does make you smart.”

“Oh,” my 4-year-old daughter suddenly pipes in remembering that her brother refuses to eat broccoli. “Kyle, you’re really not very smart.”

– Heather

Sibling Separation: Hamster-style

Our dwarf sibling hamsters are living separate lives now. I caved in and bought a second cage. I had hoped the fighting would stop but after two nights of hearing these strange shrieking noises from their shared cage, I knew my options were limited.

I could either: a) hope that I wouldn’t be forced to explain life and death to my children because “Nibbles” decided to kill his sister “Bella” or b) I could spend another $40 on a second cage and supplies and avoid the life/death conversation. What I didn’t count on was the “How come they can’t just stop fighting?” questions and the “They’re brother and sister so why are they so mean to each other?” comments.

Exit the “Sibling Expert” and enter the “Stumbling, Fumbling Mommy.”

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A Song You’re Gonna Love: Little Sister

OK, I’ll admit it – I’m partial to songs about siblings. You do know the title of this blog, don’t you? When I heard the song, “Little Sister” by Ilene (Leeny) Altman, a fellow Baystater, and her longtime friend Tamara Hey, I knew the lyrics were something many of us could identify with.

Here is a photo of Leeny (left) with her little sister Hilary. Says Leeny, "the lyrics really are all about her and her childhood shenanigans!

If you’re tired of Christmas songs or you need a pinch of humor in your day (especially days that involve raising siblings), take a listen. It’s from their debut album, Sharing the Same Stars available for sale on their site.  

You can tell these ladies had fun making this CD. There’s 14 catchy tunes that your kids will love and learn from. From the inspirational “It’s Cool to be You” to the zany “I Came Out Backwards,” our personal favorites are “Little Sister” and “Hold It” (hint: think potty time!) And now to the song…


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Elf Yourself!

What great holiday fun you can find at! In less than five minutes you can create a dance video with your kids as the stars! It is as simple as downloading up to 5 pictures from your computer or your facebook page. The pictures appear and you can use a super easy tool to zoom in and out and perfect the head on an elf body. Once you have done that (in less than 5 minutes) you can chose from one of five dances that your “elves” can perform. There is everything from country to hip-hop! The folks at elf yourself even give the option of sharing on twitter, facebook and emails for FREE! Here is a video of our special elves!