Sibling Workshops

Now that September has arrived, Lisa and I are back in full-gear and eager to book our calendars with sibling workshops. If you’re a member of a local PTO, Moms group or parenting organization, please consider us for your speaker program.

We offer a fun-filled interactive workshop on the joys and challenges of raising siblings. From how to introduce a new member of the family to strategies to eliminate those back seat brawls, we help parents with simple tips and open up a world of bonding, love and fun for your little ones.

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Don’t Overlook The Best Business Partner – Your Sibling!!

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal

Jessican and Ashlee Simpson

During the ’70s and ’80s, no less than six Sutter brothers reached the NHL.

The Jonas Brothers

Beyonce and Solange

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are just some of the most famous sibling teams out there. They combined their strengths, love and family bonds to rocket into stardom.

For this purpose – I chose some familiar faces but there are endless siblings that created small businesses, wrote books together or made inventions that changed the world (Wright Brothers!)

Think about the magnitude of this and all that may lay ahead for you and your siblings or the siblings you are raising!

Having a sister makes you a better person

Definitely a study worth mentioning!

Do you have a sister?

Did you know it can be good for your health?

Having sisters is nothing less than a blessing, says a new report published in According to a new study, people who have sisters have less risk of being depressed. It has been proved by the research that sisters have a role to play in making us nice. The research says that one can do away with the feeling of loneliness if he grows up with one female sibling in the family.

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Affordable Father’s Day gift ideas

Heather Kempskie of Parents and Kids Magazine has her top picks for Father’s Day

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One of the best ways to bond with your family, take in nature, and get some exercise is right under your nose in Northbridge, Massachusetts. Whether your children are on training wheels, strapped to the back of your bike, or on their own bike, bike riding is the perfect day-trip for the whole family.

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Family & Friends

Heather and I had the awesome opportunity to go with away with 8 wonderful woman that we have met through our children. We are all moms, career women, tired women and lucky women for we have forged such strong friendships over the last year that I am not entirely sure how I had lived without one another! We have 1-3 children each with ages ranging from 6 months – 14 years old and have played the roles of caretakers, counselors and comedians as we have begun to spend almost everyday together.

This weekend we had a lot of laughs and shared many stories all based around our husbands, children and our own families (our parents/siblings). Some were fantastic about songs they made up with their siblings or how one woman is starting a business with her sister and others were…tragic – dealing with the loss of a sibling, illness of one or even the estrangement of others. Everyone had a different story of closeness and sometimes the drama that slowly tore relationships to pieces.

I couldn’t help but think of the work Heather and I have done in the area of this most complicated of relationships – siblings. We speak of the intimacy we share with our siblings, the love and memorioes we can share and even the resentment we can harbor. Is there a time that it is better to say goodbye to a relationship that makes you feel like you are drowning or is better to keep fighting for the person that you have grown-up with, fought for and ultimately…if you really pause over this…love?

Maybe that is what is so important about friendships…they can be fresh with no emotional baggage and they can ask you to share stories that perhaps you have not thought about in years – rekindling what you felt was lost forever.

Try out a new friendship with someone in your family.

Happy Mother’s Day

The origin of Mother’s Day goes back centuries to the time of ancient Greek. It was to honor Reha, the mother of the gods. Later, it was celebrated the 4th Sunday of lent to Honor Mary, mother of Jesus. Eventually due to a religious order it was stretched to include all mothers and was called Mothering Sunday!

Enjoy the following quotes that I have reflected on during the days I needed a laugh and the days that I needed to be inspired! Have a great day!

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