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Parents just want their kids to get along or, at the very least, stop fighting in the back seat of the car.


We dare you to aim higher. With smart parental guidance and plenty of opportunities for sibling fun, you can achieve harmony in your home while setting the stage for a lifetime of closeness between your children.


Identical twin sisters and award-winning authors of “The Siblings’ Busy Book,” Heather Kempskie and Lisa Hanson have dazzled national audiences with their one-hour interactive Sibling Workshop. Using humor, role-playing and lots of easy-to-use techniques, parents leave their workshops with confidence and valuable insight into the significance of the sibling relationship.


Learn about the joys and challenges of raising siblings as this sister duo tackle parents’ most pressing questions:


  • How can I prepare my child for the arrival of a new baby sister/brother?
  • Why do my children fight over the most trivial things?
  • Are there ways to put a stop to constant bickering?
  • Is this relationship important to their long-term happiness, health?
  • How much does birth order factor into their personalities?
  • What can I do to encourage them to have fun together?


Staying true to their focus on fun, they demonstrate simple, fun activities from their book. From arts and crafts ideas that encourage creativity, to activities from the Team Family chapter which aim to teach cooperation and teamwork, the benefits of this book is two-fold: 1) Easy solutions for parents who would like to entertain their multi-age children and, more importantly, 2) Positive early experiences between siblings lead to lifetime bonds.


A typical workshop includes a one-hour interactive, multi-media presentation followed by a Q&A session and book signing. It is appropriate for parents and caregivers of children ages 0 – 10 years old.


Specific presentation components include videos, sibling trivia, role-playing, activity demonstrations and audience participation.


Specific presentation topics include: The reality of sibling rivalry, the role parents play in their children’s relationships, the science behind sibling relationships, techniques to handle sibling fighting, why sibling fun matters and birth order overview.


Handouts include tips on making the most of your time together and activity examples.


Described as “funny” “witty” “engaging” “full of energy” and “knowledgeable,” these sisters believe sibling fun should begin early and never end.


To book your Siblings’ Workshop event, please contact:

Heather Kempskie, co-author of The Siblings’ Busy Book

Email Heather

See upcoming events


What workshop attendees are saying

“I am still in shock at what an amazing turnout there was and I know everyone really enjoyed your presentation. It is always refreshing to hear speakers that can create an entertaining atmosphere while still imparting valuable information to the audience.”

Heather Hobson

The Wellesley Mothers Forum, Wellesley, MA


“On behalf of the MetroWest Boston Chapter of Mothers & More, I want to thank you both for a fabulous (and funny) presentation last night. We received great feedback and everyone had fun, too! The information was so helpful and you kept us laughing. It was also reassuring for me, personally, to know that even moms who have done as much research as you have still have “those moments” with your kids when you just need to walk away for a minute and regain your composure. I look forward to the fun activities from the book!!”

Mindy Tracy

Mothers & More MetroWest Boston Chapter, Natick, MA


“What terrific speakers! Heather Kempskie and Lisa Hanson entertained and inspired several groups of moms on our 2008 Manic Mommies Escape. They were so highly rated by the audience that we invited them back for 2009! They’re engaging, witty, and really know their material. They come ready to answer tough questions about sibling harmony while providing practical suggestions and hands-on demos for how to include children of all ages in creative play. The fun I found in the pages of their book came to life when they entered the room!”

Erin Kane, Executive Producer

Manic Mommies Media, Inc., Natick, MA


“Thanks for presenting at the Museum’s Parenting/Educator series about raising siblings. You kept to the topic, yet personalized your presentation to address the attendees specific needs and concerns. Your confidence and expertise in the content allowed you to smoothly address the question and answer segment of the presentation. In fact, parents and caregivers commented to staff on the wonderful, fun, engaging workshop you gave and how much they and their children enjoyed the interactive fun. Your book has sold out three times in our gift shop!”

Jane Rotondi, Education Coordinator

The Children’s Museum in Easton, Easton, MA


“I had the opportunity to watch this dynamic duo at the World’s Biggest Baby Shower at the Mall of America! They’re bag of tricks will keep the little ones on the edge of their seats. They are a wealth of information when it comes to entertaining siblings and their ideas work. A must-see workshop for parents everywhere!”

Becky Long, mom and author, KN


“Thanks again for hosting such a great event at the Children’s Museum in Easton as part of our April Vacation Week activities. The hands-on craft activities from your book were very engaging and you both are so personable! You easily got the kids involved and answered any questions the adults had with ease. I thought your program was very successful and the Museum would welcome you back anytime!”

Steven Hill, Operations Manager

The Children’s Museum in Easton, Easton, MA


“I attended one of your Sibling Workshops with my two adult (twin daughters). Both were expecting a second child so the topic was absolutely appropriate!  I thoroughly enjoyed your talk. I found your information to be most informative and the presentation to be both entertaining and enlightening! I was totally engaged in what you had to say and was impressed by the confidence you both possess.”

Donna Green, Workshop attendee, Sharon, MA


“Thanks for coming to our family center. I appreciate you sharing current research on the topic of siblings, how you encouraged parents to share sibling experiences and used humor often to engage the audience. Your book is a wonderful resource full of fun activities for siblings of different ages to enjoy being together and learn about themselves and the world. It provides helpful suggestions to parent on ways to enhance family time. I would highly recommend this workshop and book to all families with young siblings.”

Elizabeth Gailor, Director

Beginning Years Family Network, Sutton, MA



“Thank you again for hosting such a wonderful event at our store. You were well prepared with handouts and materials to illustrate your talk. You engaged with the audience in a well thought out manner and offered rich and useful content to highlight your book and the sibling relationship. I’d highly recommend you as speakers.”

Andrai Whitted, Manager

Artbeat Your Creativity Store, Franklin & Arlington, MA


“I attended a workshop that Lisa and Heather taught at beginning Years Family Network this past fall. What touched me (and others that attended) was the warmth of the presenters. They used personal stories and humor to connect to all the Moms in attendance. Their ideas were creative and practical. They knew their subject through and through. Everyone was at ease while there, while the way home reflective and the next day…productive!”

Amy Kennedy (mom of 4yr old, 2 yr old & 4 mths old)

Auburn, MA




2 Responses

  1. I attended a workshop given by Lisa and Heather to the Natick Co-op Playgroup in Natick… I was so impressed and left with a better understanding of the dynamic that exists (and will continue to evolve) between my 4 year old and 18 month old… I was also reminded of the precious relationship I have with my own two siblings, and how grateful I am for both of them in my life. Thank you!!!

    Sarah Doyle
    Natick, MA

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